When We Hear God Call

There have always been people who have somehow been ushered into the presence of God. They walked and talked with the Divine in such an intimate way that His presence was powerfully displayed. If we would be like them, we must acquire a similar attitude to reach that kind of lofty intimacy with the Lord. It is completely possible. Our Redeemer is calling us now. But we cannot sit back smugly with the comfortable doctrines we agree with. We will need to be the kind of people who will not settle for less than knowing God for ourselves. We must realize we are living out our story with God today. If we haven´t encountered Him yet or are not already hearing His voice booming in our ears, we should be praying intensely that we will. We must search for His movement all around. We should study up on Him and examine our souls extensively. We must rid our lives and our thoughts of any area that would leave us distant or closed-hearted. We must be grateful and celebrate every step we take in His direction. We will find new ways to grow our walk with Him. The Savior will see our true intentions and will strengthen our efforts. The results of being a person driven to seek the Lord will be rewarded with an infinitely sweeter walk with Him and many thrilling discoveries!

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