In Times Of Pain

Times of pain will drive each person to different reactions. Nobody likes pain because it hurts and destroys. Our hurt can drive away any joy we had before and make it look like there is no future. We can and often do hold onto our pain. The more we make of our hurt, the worse our situation will become. In times like these, we need to find something or someone to comfort us. In seasons of darkness and troubles, we need to find the strength to move forward. Some turn to friends or family. Some try to drown their sorrows in ways that only make the situation worse. Then there are the ones who seek the Savior. They go to One who understands our pain because He has suffered more. They choose God because when the world has thrown all it can at us, He can lift us higher than we can imagine. They go to the Holy Spirit because somehow, magically, being near such a powerful Source, our pains cannot hurt us much. Those who seek the Lord and His presence will experience a strength that cannot be explained. Those of us who will turn to the Savior, do not have to have an ounce of strength of our own. We can find all the comfort we will ever need to face anything in this life if we can just make sure we get close enough to the God of Love. Make Him our goal and our hope, and we will see!


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