Nothing Less From Faith

We can play at religion all our lives and never expect to actually encounter God in living experience. It is completely possible and sadly happens more often than it should. What we cannot accept is that it will ever happen to us! Having our devotions and then running out the door to our busy schedules and busy lives not to think of the Lord the rest of the day will not do. No, we must demand that wherever we go, we will need to know that the Spirit of God is too. Some part of our hearts must be tuned to God, our ears open to hear His voice. His presence must be felt. We need to intensify our prayers. We need to spend more time or increase efforts until awareness of the Divine sweeps over us. We all should aspire to go from where we once were and come closer to the Lord with such intensity that Heaven becomes our natural Home. Never let our sights fall below an intense bond and increasing awareness of God present with us. Let us set our sights on having a more intense relationship with our Lord each day. Pray that we will keep insisting on walking closer to our Savior all the time.

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