When Loved Ones Suffer

Pain is always tough to deal with. Even when it is someone we care about who is suffering, we can feel the pain through them. It hurts. When struggles and loss come, we need to know that others care. When we have someone by our side who understands our pain, it helps somehow. It comforts us. We need each other. Our grief is easier to bear when we have shoulders to lean on. Yet for all that we can benefit from having other caring humans near, there is a peace that can go far beyond anything that we experience through our dealings with mortals like us. There is a peace that comes from above and beyond. It is impossible to explain. But, there is a presence that we can draw near to that is like nothing we can experience by being close to other humans. If we can come before the Divine, the God of Love, we will be bewildered and astonished by the comfort that is found in Him. Drawing near to the Giver of All Things, and knowing that He is turning Himself towards us, is the most reassuring sensation imaginable. Those who have gone far enough in approaching Him will testify. Those who have been in His presence know how much peace being with the Almighty brings. So, when someone is hurting, go to the Lord. Strength and peace can come to us all when God is there to walk with us!


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