Let Us Seek The Lord

If we have ever felt the urge to know what it is like to be made aware of the presence of God, then we might want to consider doing something about it. Some people will sense without completely understanding it, a longing deep inside of them that calls them towards the Divine. Others will sense only a slight curiosity. Whatever part of our beings it is that is not just our cold, calculating psychology, the part of our makeup that runs much deeper into our souls, is reaching for something important. Call it a spark if you will, but it pulls strangely towards a greater flame that burns somewhere nearby. If we could give in to this tugging in our hearts and let our curiosity grow, we may be moved to take some action. If we follow our searching hearts, we stand the possibility to come to know things that nobody could have ever explained to us. If we will set out on a journey of the soul to find the One who has called us, we can have our moment of enlightenment. We can fall breathlessly before the God of All the Universe! Unseen and nominally held by most people, God could be revealed to us, but there is that catch. If we do not seek to know Him, we may lose our chance of ever truly being made aware of how close He is and how unexplainably beautiful it is to meet Him in a real living experience.

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