Worth Living For

Life has a way of getting us down. It happens to everyone and it hurts to find out that all our energy and effort seem to get us nowhere. It is in these moments when we are at our lowest that we often find ourselves beginning to look up. As long as we were above some things we were content to look down. But, when there is no further down for us to go, we finally stop to consider loftier things. When we do look up, we may notice the Son is still shining. We might begin to contemplate the One who has promised to never stop loving us. We may finally seek help. There is no better help for an ailing soul than to turn to the God who made us. Not only did He make us, but the Lord made us to be with Him. When we finally have chased every other rainbow and found out in the end that there was no shining pot of gold, we may see that while we were searching elsewhere, our Treasure has been close to us all along.


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