We Can Decide

We can hold our hearts far from God our entire lifetimes. But when He reveals to us that He has been right here with us all along, every soul will either be eternally grateful or scared to death. The moment that every individual will realize that God is real and present in His universe can come at different times. Some will wake up to find His overwhelming presence all around us in breathtaking ways at an early age. It may start merely with someone telling them of Him, but the moment they actually meet Him for themselves, they will be changed forever. Others will resist letting go of their hearts and setting a little hope in His goodness and love. They might even go right to their deathbed stubbornly saying they are too proud to give the Lord a chance. This is sad because they are wasting the few moments they could have had with Him. The ones who die before they accept God as the Creator and Redeemer of all will also come to that realization. But for them, it will be too late. Blessed are the ones who embrace the Savior and cultivate an intimate walk with Him. They will have the most powerful Friend and learn marvelous wonders each day they spend with Him. Blessed are those who realize that there is more to discover than we can imagine and will press on to greater awareness.


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