Know God Personally

It has been said by insightful people in every generation that they would rather know God personally than be the most educated person on the subject of theology. These precious souls sense the presence of God in and around us where others only speculate. The blessing comes to those who go out of their way to get to know the Holy Spirit. Those who love Christ, those who truly love Him, leave their comfortable areas and go out in search of Him. They leave even their comfortable thoughts and doctrines to sit at His feet. Like the days when Jesus taught on the banks of the sea, we too can get to where He is speaking to us. Let us turn away from the distractions that have purposely been placed in our way. Let us be among the few who would taste and see that the Lord is good. Let us get to where there is a familiarity between God and us that is grown through precious time spent together. Let us come to know our Savior at any cost to us or our earthly lives. We will never regret the price we paid.


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