The Worst Crime

Although we do not like to think of our mistakes or live in an age that takes criticism well, we can only improve the kind of people we are if we recognize when we are wrong and then try our best to change. If we look carefully there are always a few things that we could be working on to make ourselves better people. However, the one thing that we could do that would help with every other area of our lives and thinking, is to improve our relationship with the Divine. Not everyone puts emphasis on how closely we walk with the Lord through our day, but the ones who do, are more tuned to the needs of others. We are also more protected from selfish or cruel thoughts and actions when we are actively seeking His presence. And, when any individual is encountering the Lord in living experience, the power and presence of the Lord can lift our lives to a higher plain. Reach for the Lord, with Him we are more sure of being better people and will improve the closer we grow to Him.

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