Insist On Being With God

Most of us will go through our day never realizing that God is present and longs to walk through every detail together with us. Some will have their devotions and then get up and go out to hurl themselves into their busy routines. All the while, the Lord is near. He has never left our side nor wants to be excluded from our hearts or our thoughts. It would be a different world if we truly walked through each step of the day along with Him. If we practiced including our Savior in each decision, in every word, and in our thoughts, His presence could remain with us. We do not need to stay there on our knees talking to Him if we continue our conversation with Him as we go about our busy routines. Our whole lives will be full of the love of God, His wisdom, and the power of the Holy Spirit as soon as we learn to remain with Him every step of our day. Let us set a new goal now and make bringing our Lord into each present moment our most pressing desire.


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