Choosing Jesus

The deciding point in every person´s life is when they choose whether or not to carry on trusting in our human logic or strength and place our whole lives into God´s hands. This is important because our way takes us in one direction and choosing Christ means to turn completely in the other direction and plod along against the flow of those around us. However, there is a great deceptive trick that lies within this decision. The father of all lies has had great success in turning our decision into a patch we use to cover up the fact that we never truly turned from trusting in ourselves. We use the name of Christ and quite romantically think that we have done well with our right to choose. We continue along our way never realizing that we have left none of our love for this world. When we choose to put our lives in the Lord, let us make really sure that we deliberately turn away from worshipping ourselves, lifting ourselves up, or patting ourselves on the back for our so-called choices. Let us see to it that we turn to God despite any tricks of our hearts or words and build our relationship with our Savior.


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