Walk The Walk

People talk big and a lot. But, it doesn´t always reveal where their hearts are leaning. We can boast about our choice of choosing to believe in Christ, but never really do anything about getting to know Him. We can say that our lives are in God´s hands and even point out where we have devoted time or effort into doing the things Christians do. However, this also does not mean that we have learned to walk with Him through our days. All the many promises that the Bible speaks of will come to those who do turn and follow the Son of God. But let us make sure that we learn the secret of turning that mission into a reality. Let us go hard after Him. Let us turn our baby steps into the strongest bond and most intimate walk with the Lord in Spirit and actuality! The joys of walking with Christ are far more than anyone could describe. So let us make it our mission today to take each step with the Lord and grow closer all the time!


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