It Is God Who Matters

We, humans, are silly creatures. We each go around throughout our lives secretly thinking that this whole world revolves around us, or at least it should. We whine when things don´t go our way. We struggle against powers we cannot see or against situations over which we have minimal, or no control. We worry when it looks like we will not get our way. Over and against this impossible way of thought, is the realization that something much bigger than us is going on here. God is here. He is working on plans that may include us, and He loves to try and do just that. But it is not about us. It is infinitely bigger. God is working on things on a universal scale and one that includes forever. He is working on what is right because He is right. He is the All-Righteous One! He is what matters! When things go His way, then they are right too! When God becomes what matters for us, then we take our first step in the right direction. Let us get us out of the limelight and put God where He should be, as the full focus of our lives and our hearts’ greatest desire!


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