Talk The Talk

There may be fewer people talking about God all the time, but whenever someone comes to believe in Him, they usually feel the need to vocalize their new beliefs. Christians have always been known for their boldness in speaking out. This is because we have found something worth sharing. We have found Someone bigger than all of us that brings meaning and purpose to our existence. That we have come to have God in our lives does not mean that it is all over. Instead, it is just a beginning. It is like we have found our quest and are setting out on the journey of our lifetimes. We step out in faith and our journey begins. It may be a long and eventful path that we take, but it leads us ever nearer to the One we love. Our walk with the Lord gets sweeter the closer we become to Him. This is also when our conversation changes from talking about doctrines and beliefs. As we share and learn more about our Bright and Morning Star, our talk of Him turns sweeter with each new discovery and every delightful moment we share with Him. Pray that we may all learn to walk the walk so that we can talk the talk of those privileged few who have been blessed by being in the presence of the Divine!

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