Understanding The Call

Godly people everywhere strain to recognize God´s call for them. They may not realize that there is grave danger even when we think our motives are pleasing to the Lord. The deceiver is called that because he is good at what he does. God has a call for each one of us, it is true. However, if our call is a genuine one from Him, it will not have us running off into the world or bolstering our faith in ourselves. If we have truly sought to hear from the Holy Spirit, our call will make us need our Savior more. Wherever He is leading us will be like Peter stepping out of the boat to walk on the water. No amount of earthly success, ease, or pleasure will be enough proof that we are actually in God´s will. We will need to see to it that we are drawing nearer to Christ. Those who care will test their hearts and their so-called call. Let us demand nothing less than an all-consuming relationship with the Lord and learn from Him just how to place less importance on our passing world!


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