If We Could Only See

God is here right now. Wherever we are in the world and in our lives, He is present. It is a fact that we fail to comprehend and fall so far short of seeing. If only we could have our eyes opened. Some will, in a moment of stricken honesty admit that He is here. But, for the most part, we do not live as if we realize all that it encompasses. If God is with us as we speak, we choose our words so that He will be pleased by what we say. If we look at those around us with the conviction that God is here looking at them too, we will see them with an eye to what He sees and feels for them. If we react to the situations we face as if Christ was standing by our side and holding our hand as we walk, our steps will always be more in tune with His. So let it become our most urgent prayer that we learn to see our Savior in our day. Let us practice doing and saying all that we do along with Him. If we can bring God into our present moment by demanding that He is here, He will surely respond. He will be pleased to open our eyes and what we see will be amazing. Let us become experts in finding the Lord in our lives and all through our day!


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