To Be With Christ

There is unimaginable strength and power that comes with an intimate walk with the Lord. When the Holy Spirit is able to move in a person´s life, it is the most amazing thing to witness. Miracles can happen, the mighty arm of God can be clearly seen, instruction can come to us, and the soft whisper of God can begin to boom in our ears. Life´s problems will take a completely different meaning as we see that God is using every situation in life to demonstrate His presence and work out His perfect plan of redemption. However, to activate this kind of movement and to witness the miracle of the presence of God, the hopeful believer must reach a point of intimacy with God. We need to turn away from our comfortable doctrines and the secret pride we have in our decisions. We need to leave our comfort zones and go in search of our Savior. This is a very real journey of the soul and not simply a declaration of faith. Yet, if we do go after Him, and keep seeking Him until He reveals Himself unto us, we can walk with Him in the sweetest and most satisfying relationship available to mankind. When we make it into the presence of the Lord, we will never want to lose the chance to be with Him again.


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