Closer Still

There are fewer people all the time who will go out of their way to get to know the Lord. Some are still willing to devote a portion of their day or their week to worship. But, what kind of worship. Meeting together in church meetings and prayer groups is highly beneficial and can help anyone serious about their walk with God. However, these gatherings with other people need never replace any intimacy we should be experiencing with our Savior. Each so-called believer needs to walk with the Lord in the cool of the day. We must seek out these times where we can be with God and He can be with us. If we care to, we can become experts in finding our moments to be together. We can get better at letting our thoughts turn to Him. We can make a habit of holding our thoughts, our decisions, or our dilemmas up to God in prayer. We can learn to quietly commune with the Lord all through the day. The more time we spend with Christ, the closer we will become in heart, soul, and spirit. Let us pray that we grow closer still in our relationship with the Lord every single day!


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