Truth Revealed

The words that come out of our mouths demonstrate something that we don´t often realize is true about us. They show us what means the most to us. If, when we talk, we are always referring to kindness and the state of people´s hearts, then it is probably pretty sure that kindness and selflessness mean a lot to us. However, if we tune our ears to hear it, we might not be so please by what we hear. Far too often we talk of us. Me, I, and my, just might be the words that we use the most. While this may be quite natural, it can also reveal that we are making more of ourselves and our “things” than we would think. If we see ourselves as good, upstanding human beings, we might even be tempted to forgive ourselves for being so wrapped up in ourselves. “What is the harm in it anyway, everyone else is doing it?” we may say. But, if we would like to see the nature of Christ and God´s heart growing inside of us, then a change might be in order. Let us pray that the Lord will show us our heart´s true leaning and then help us get over ourselves enough to make Him our new focus today!


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