Losing Faith To Find It

God can and will work miraculously in and around our lives today, but the ones who will have eyes to witness it will be the ones who are not concentrating on themselves or the world we live in. When we place our hope in our efforts and in our intelligence to get us through what we face all the time, we cut God right out of the picture. As much as we try to paint the picture of everything being about us or for us, it is not that way at all. We are important pieces to a greater plan, but we are far from being the designers of that plan or the ones who choose how it all should go. If we could suppress our selfish pride long enough to take a serious look, we might see that the God who planned, made, redeemed, and sustains all the intricate universe where we live is working out His plan still. Once we begin to see that He has the power and the wisdom to accomplish what He has set out to do, faith can be restored. If we can shift our hope from the pitiful attempts of man to rule or fix it all, then hope can be restored. We can rest assured that we are in good hands again when those hands belong to the Almighty!


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