Return To God

If it seems like the morals and ethics of our society today are swiftly going down the tubes, it is because they are. There is no cure for our decline apart from choosing a higher focal point and more than a little help from above. If we look for our change to come from other influencers that we have here on earth, we only get another crooked outcome and the corresponding low views. It is not trendy these days to be so old-fashioned as to pour our hearts and souls into coming before a God that nobody cares to see. However, if more people did, our world would not be losing its sense of accountability, its sense of duty towards doing the right things, or the importance of thinking of others and not just ourselves. Modern thinking has distanced us further from the only One who can save us from ourselves and the evil that would overcome our entire world. If we would return to God with urgent desire and determination, then, when we are walking with Him again, we will find what true goodness is again.


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