Resisting Religion

It is increasingly common these days to find people who reject any thought of worshipping God because they cannot stand the hollow arguments that some Christians give to try and convert them. These skeptics are not bad people just because they weigh the odds and wind up choosing to believe against God. They just might be rejecting the idea of spending their lives going through the motions with theory and practice without ever truly meeting or experiencing God in person. Their caution could keep them from ever meeting the Lord for themselves if they never meet anyone who radiates having met Him. Or, if they do realize that God has moved in someone else´s life, they could be the first ones who will want the same experience for themselves. They would then seek to encounter the Lord for themselves for the wonder and joy that comes with meeting the Lord in person. They will not buy into empty theories and rituals just because they are being told they should. Rather, their hearts will cry out to be amazed and bewildered each time they sense His presence. They will need to engage with the Almighty God and walk with His Spirit each day from then on. Let us be the kind of people who learn to experience the presence of God constantly too.

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