Reacting to Injustice

There are millions of atrocities that happen all the time. If we have God´s heart in us, we will want to stand up against them. Yet the battle is not ours so we should walk so closely with our Savior that we never charge off to battle on our own. We should become so in tune with where and how the Lord is working, that we can immediately demonstrate that He is here with us and we are with Him. Human anger is nothing like Godly anger. Christians have always needed to watch the way they react to situations. Anyone who was not filled with the Holy Spirit like Stephen was when they were stoning him, has been tempted to react harshly against cruelty. We just do not resemble God when we are angry. So, what can we do? If we want to be like Christ, we need to walk especially close to Him. We need to eat and drink with Him. We need to have so much to do with Him that we begin to resemble Him in all that we say and do. When we get enough of the Lamb of God into us, we will start to lose the ferociousness of our earthly ways. Let us pray that the love and Spirit of God will finally begin to radiate from us.


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