The Relationship To Cultivate

We can easily get so caught up in our beliefs that we forget to check where we stand with our religion. Because we have chosen to believe in God and call ourselves Christians, we may relax and begin to congratulate ourselves on our faith. The problem is that we are dealing with a living being and therefore there must be some kind of engagement between His character and ours. There must be a bond that grows between us or our beliefs are mere mental concepts or verbal aspirations. We must connect with the One we say we love or no real love can grow between us. We must learn to speak often. We must be prepared to learn how to listen. We must incline our hearts to lean all that we can and walk with Him through each of the steps that we can as we come to know Him more. We need to know that at first we will know little and share little in our relationship. But, as time goes by, the more we invest in our relationship, the more we will get out of it. When the One we walk with is the Almighty God of All Things, we can expect to get great things from the close bond we share with Him! Let us pray that we learn to invest increasingly more each day in our relationship with the Lord!


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