The Mighty Moment

We can pick up our Bibles and read for ourselves about the encounters of people who came face to face with the Lord. We will see how the moment affected them. We may start to realize how frightening and thrilling the experience truly is. We should gather from the way they fell face down on the ground, or were stricken with the fear that they would surely die, that we too will be instantly undone. The moment we find ourselves standing on Holy ground or staring into the piercing brightness, all that we knew about reality will change in a flash. We will realize suddenly how naked we really are and how filthy our righteousness truly is. When mortal mankind finds ourselves in the presence of The Immortal God, time vanishes and leaves us with nothing to hold onto. Infinity begins to pour itself into vessels too small to receive it all and our hearts and minds become excruciatingly too small to take any of it in. Yet, no matter how terrifying that moment may be, it is still the most exhilarating experience we could ever hope to have. So, let us seek to be given our moment of enlightenment and work feverishly to prepare ourselves for the Holy Spirit to come and blow us away!

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