God We Can Love

Some say that holding correct notions of God and being convicted enough in our declarations, will gain us a seat in Heaven. Unfortunately, this is just what our Lord´s adversary would like us to believe. Then we would be fooled into thinking that we are God´s true children and never stop to consider that there might be more to do. This means that spiritual growth and the cultivation of a deep and intimate relationship with Christ would never be sought. We could be satisfied and carry on with our earthly lives never knowing that the walk we could have together with the Savior is never properly developed. We could imagine our place being prepared for us in God´s Kingdom without ever truly coming to know the One we will need to know well to get there. We would overlook the fact that Heaven is nothing if it is not where God is and no place we could ever enter if we have not persevered in our relationship with Him. If, however, we do want to come, and if we do want to know the Lord and walk with Him each day, we can. He has always been there waiting for us to respond to His open invitation. He is here now looking for those who will truly turn and find Him as their treasure today. He will be with us forever if it is true that it is what we want as well.


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