Help For Others

The best kind of person to help someone who is hurting is someone who has been through a similar struggle too. As people who have come to know the Lord, this should place Christians at the top of the list as go-to people. We may not have struggled with the exact same problem as everyone who comes to us for help, but we should understand their pain and hopeless feelings. We will know better than most that a life of struggling in this world without a Savior walking next to us and guiding us gets us nowhere at all. We also know the joy and comfort that comes from being an intimate friend of the One who holds ultimate control of all the universe. We know through personal experience a love so unfathomable that the One who carries the weight of our burdens has carried them right through the grave. We will know the confidence that God´s presence with us brings and be able to share the assurance that He sees our problems and can lead us all safely through them. Pray that the Lord will show us who we can help today for surely there are plenty of people who need it.


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