The Key To Knowing God

By the way we try to teach others how to come to know the Lord we do not always help their hearts bridge the gap that stands between mortal minds and the wonders of God. We feed them texts and try to prove God exists. Or, we attempt to give them information hoping that their minds will be able to make the right deductions or come to the right conclusions. The problem with this is that God is not found in these ways. God is high above the intelligence of man and if we were able to figure Him out, find Him in logic, or wrap Him up in a neat little package with our explanations, He would not be God. God is Spirit. To know Him in any degree means that the searching soul must tune our hearts towards the Spirit. We must be receptive to the Great Unseen Reality which Is Our God! We must be willing to be undone, bewildered, and amazed as realization sweeps over us. Many wondering souls can still be overwhelmed and thrilled by the most acute awareness of the presence of God. We could be among them. Let us pray that our hearts will be prepared for the most exhilarating experience of our lives. Let us pray that we meet our Lord and be blown away by His presence today!


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