Trust Opens the Door

Anyone at all who has received any instruction on the call to seek the Lord will have heard of the importance of trust. It is like a special key that opens doors to spiritual treasures. It lets us come near to the Lord and ushers us into His presence. It pleases God immensely when He finds it in the heart of His children. So, what do we do with the whole concept of trust? Do we make it the one thing we want to make sure we have? Do we cultivate it each day? To properly trust in God means that we lean on Him and look to Him instead of thinking we can stand on our own. The true followers of Christ will stop often and check the direction of their hearts. We would do well today to bring up the question of the level of trust we have with our Savior. Let us pray and ask our Lord to examine our hearts. Let us ask to be swept clean again so that whatever is found in our hearts demonstrates that we trust Him over all else!


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