What A Friend!

A true friend will care about us through life´s ups and downs. They will be willing to carry heavy burdens and share it your joy and your sorrow. True friends will set aside time to talk and to be with you. Jesus Christ our Savior tells us that He is our Friend. He has raised the bar on what a true friend is. He will be with us in our worst moments and our best. He has power and authority. He is the One who can call on angels to help us too. He can whisper in the ear of the Father and work with Him for our rescue. His wishes for us are always pure. He wants us to share with Him a relationship and a walk that grows only closer. He wants to do more for us and will, the closer we do manage to grow. Miracles will happen when we are truly leaning on the Savior. Christ is the One person we should be trying to get to know. The more we walk with the Lord, the more of His Spirit will be in us. This will make us better people and that means we will be the right kind of friend for others to have too. Let us seek Christ until He is what others find in us!


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