The Whisper Of God

Listening in an age like ours is not a habit or an ability that we often seek. Yet for those who care to know our God, it is an essential quality. We would gain a lot of ground with the Lord if we would set ourselves to the task. It is to these precious few whom the Spirit will whisper His words and they will experience the wonders of God. Listening will not automatically come to us, but we will need to cultivate it and even ask for help from above. However, when our Savior sees that we have a receptive heart, He will move. When help comes from above to listen, the words of God will come to us. Then, even the softest whisper from the Spirit will boom in our ears. Our Heavenly Father will convey His love and council for us in our day. We will know the thrill of walking in the presence of our Lord. We will soon have an intimate relationship where we can easily follow His directions all through each of our days! 


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