A True Follower

We can talk big about our faith in God, but that does not mean that we walk closely with Him. We can boast of our love for the Holy Spirit, but it will not prove that His presence is felt and He is what leads us in each of our steps. We can speak loudly of how well we follow Jesus and use our outward actions and standing at church to back us up, but it still does not mean that we humbly seek Him nor demand that He is present in all we do or say. No, the true follower may speak out boldly, but our boasts will not be directed at ourselves. If we talk, it will be of the One we love. If we praise anyone at all, it will be the Lord who heals us and whose strength we depend on. If we do include ourselves in our words, it will be to further throw ourselves with great need upon the Savior of Our Souls. The truth of the matter is, that the ones who busy themselves with pulling in close at the heels of our Lord are usually the ones focused on Him and not ourselves. Let us pray that we will be the kind of burning-hearted seekers who drive ourselves to walk so closely with the Savior that we see instantly where He is moving and know where His heart is leading us all the time!


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