God-Focused People

As the sea of humanity turns ever more towards seeking all that they will gain in this life, the call of Jesus still sounds out over the crowd. Who is there left who will see the distance that has grown between what we want and what God wants? “Where are the others?”Christ asks. God has only worked diligently like the Great Father He is to draw our attention back to being with Him. It is time, and there may not be much of that left, to seek Him again. This does not mean some outward expression that we may boast before others. It means the deepest, most sincere turning within each of our souls. We must learn again what it is to weep and moan. To hate our pride and turn from us to Him. Then we should seek Him as the last dying breaths that we may have. Let us learn what hunger and thirst for the Lord are and how they can come even to us! Oh dear Father, please set these hearts of ours on You and onto doing whatever it may take for us to come nearer to You, even in our day and age!

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