A Moment With God

As Christians, we should be the kind of people who keep an eye out for areas to improve ourselves. We came to follow Christ because we realized that on our own we simply were not perfect and in Him, we find the worth and perfection we needed. So, being this kind of transitional creature, moving from worse to better, we can embrace any change that makes us grow closer to Jesus and more like Him. This will mean that we can test our beliefs and our faith often. It will help us see where we can improve and gain something more with the Lord. We will want to spend more time getting to know Him. We will want to talk more freely, openly, and sincerely as Friends. We will want to see our relationship strengthened each day. We will seek out new opportunities to steal away from our busy lives and be with Him. We will do whatever it takes to become experts in finding moments to be with God. Then, as our faith ripens, we will bring the Spirit of the Lord more and more into our present here and now. No longer will He be found only in our past or future. God will be with us today!


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