Focus On The Unseen

After all the miracles Christ performed and all that He did to lift our thoughts above earthly affairs, hopefully, we could see that there is more to our situation than just us, what we want, and what we think. His call was for us to turn and repent. He wanted us to realize that there is so much more to our existence than our short lives or desires. God, the Great Unseen is there, just beyond everything that we see. He lives and moves and desires. Because He is so much more than we can conceive, we could choose no better way than to use our existence to seek Him. As we come to know Him, our hearts will go up to Him. This lifting of our attention is what Christ spoke of when He told His followers to believe. It is what the Pharisees were not willing to do. They kept their focus on this world, their ways, and their understandings. Let us be the other kind of believer, the ones who will drop all that we know, turn away from all our ways, and seek nothing short of the presence of the One we cannot see!


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