Faith In Wonder

Thomas has stood for ages as a symbol of the kind of disciple who was reluctant to trust in the wonders and mysterious workings of God. It seems that he was a lot like us in that we only trust what we see, know to be true to nature, and have learned from the experts. He is still a good example for us to examine because he had Jesus right there with him to help him past his shortcomings. If we are observant, we can be one of God´s selected few whom He instructs and draws into His closest circle of friends. To get there, we need to place God higher and more powerful than all we know of science and the way our world works. We must place our hope and expectancy on the Lord´s miraculous movement. We must learn to place more weight into the thought of God moving in ways that will bewilder us and amaze us every time we are made aware of Him. Jesus will be with us too, in each step we take as we journey upward in faith. He will open our eyes to the marvels of our Unseen God. Let us take His hand, let us waste no time in trusting our Savior when He says He will work in inconceivable ways in our hearts and our lives!  (John 20:27-28)


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