God Moving Us

Religion in the end will be mere philosophies that we try to live by unless the Almighty can come to us personally and move and live in us. Once we can turn our faith into a channel through which God can flow strong and full in our lives, then all our frivolousness and folly will turn to powerful adoration of our Lord. We will be pleasing in His sight, not because we hold fancy notions nor because our interpretations are more correct than anyone else. We will be Christians in the true sense of the Word in that we step as we see Him stepping. We will walk so closely with our Savior that we will be able to follow Him, do as He does, and love as we see Him loving those all around. Our beliefs will cease to be deductions we have bought into or statements we make proudly and daringly. God will move strong and full within the hearts that search for Him until nothing short of Him can enter. Let us ask Him to be with us, and move us as He deems right in every given moment. Pray that we will take our faith that far!


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