There is a secret within the Scriptures that we don´t hear much these days. It is that absolutely all that we are or get up to is washed clean by the presence of our Savior. He must shine through in our character, our thoughts, our words, and as an outcome, our actions. Waywardness may be seen in the things that we do, but actions come as a result of our hearts. If we can get to where it is the Holy Spirit living and moving most within us, then what flows will be from Him. The warning is that left a moment alone, the fallen human heart steps out on its own. If we can see our predicament, if we will heed the warnings, we can seek always our Lord. We can strive harder all the time. We can drive ourselves to be near and open to the presence of our Savior. Looking to Him, near Him, together with Him, we can step where He tells us to in every step. Pray that we grow that close to our God now, while there is still time to change!

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