On Guard

Deceit comes in many forms and one of the things that are attacking the fold of Christ nowadays is that we are in danger of losing our urgency to approach God. We may still attend our services. We may hold our devotions and say our hearty Amens. We may surround ourselves with the whole institution of our religion until we cannot possibly see that we no longer seek the Spirit´s presence. We can cling to our favorite texts until we are convinced that we are the remnant of Christ without ever stopping to check just how much of our hearts are truly embedded in Him. We should remember the call of Jesus no matter how far or long we have been Christians. We should each hear His words burning into our souls and asking us to turn again to God, that He is near, and that we must do everything in our power to place our hearts in Him! Pray that we do not fall victim to our fallen natures, the wiles of evil, or to the way of our world! Let us seek Christ with a new passion each day and walk closer to Him all the time!


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