Experiential Awareness

If we have not miraculously encountered God in person, we might not want to claim to be the experts on Him. There is no end to those who claim to know the way to climb into Heaven. They would try to convince us with their authoritative speech and superior education. (John 10:1) However, we can still find the testimonies of almost overlooked individuals who have drawn close enough to their Savior, to be ushered into His presence. These poor, ravished souls managed to do what the proud have not been able to achieve simply by choosing another route. They have bowed breathlessly in the very presence of God. They have encountered Him in a true living experience. These are the ones that we can listen to. These are the kind of burning-hearted worshippers to imitate. If we can become selfless like them and seek the Lord with a similar desire and need, then we too will have our moments in the very presence of the Divine!


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