An Insult To God

It is easy to look at the unbeliever and accuse them of insulting God by not giving Him the right to be who He says He Is. However, we should be careful with the direction of our hearts because we commit similar sins all the time. We pledge our faith in God and say He has all power, but secretly in our hearts, we do not hold any real expectation to see Him move in mysterious ways. We follow God to the letter, in the letter, and expect Him to be in the letter. The Pharisees and Jews of Jesus´ time were guilty of the same. We need to repent. We all do. We need to bow before the Lord and ask for forgiveness for our unbelief. We should ask for help with our unbelief. Pray that the God we worship will hold a seat of honor once again in our hearts where we truly give Him the credit for being able to do anything anywhere and at any time. Pray that we are corrected and right to the core of our beings. Pray that God will move in us, perform miracles in our lives, and blow us all away with His presence again!


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