Insist On God

There is a strange breed of people. It does not consist of people born in a certain place or of the color of their skin. It is a race of people apart. They sense a deep inner hole, a bottomless pit, that can only be filled by one thing. That single Thing is our Lord. They need a Savior just to live. Without Him, they are dead. This peculiar people move to a completely different set of rules than the rest. They do not rise in the morning to see what they can squeeze out of the day. They wake on a mission. Theirs is the sweet yet tricky job of bringing their hearts nearer and more fully before God. Some new ground is to be gained today. They will seek Him with all they have got. We can be like them. We could be them! We could demand that our hearts go after the Lord until we break through into His presence. We can insist that our faith rises to the attention of God and He is pleased by the force and direction of our love. Let us pray now that we become so determined in walking together with Christ that the Holy Spirit comes in and fills our lives with His presence! Let´s not rest until we get there!


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