What The Season Brings

We grow up in a constant state of bouncing between laughter and tears. Our earthly life is like that. As we grow older, our problems might become more serious, but so should our appreciation for the sweeter times. All our seasons and all our emotional states can serve to strengthen the bond that we are developing between us and our Redeemer. If this is something that interests us, then we will want to actively seek it. We can deliberately take all our “things” to the Lord. We can insist on sharing our joys with Him as well as our struggles. If we take this attitude and grow it into a habit, our relationship with Christ will grow in direct proportions. Then, one day, when the Bridegroom comes to the banquet dinner, He will recognize us as the faithful ones who have proven our commitment to Him. He will tell the gatemen that we are with Him and will take us to the celebration that never ends!

Ecclesiastes 3, Matthew 25


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