Like Christ Is Here

Before we ever thought of coming to the Lord with our whole hearts, He was working to prepare the way. Now that we call on the One we call our Savior, pray that we make our belief, our faith, and our religion about this bond that is growing between us. Let us continue to seek our Loved One as our hearts go out to Him in ravished love. Let us give our hearts over unto passion and adoration for the Apple Of Our Eye. Let us cultivate our need to be with the One we love and see to it that our whole being reaches out to Him. Let us refuse to seek Him in our day because of words we have heard or concepts we were taught. Rather, let us go out in search for Him this day because somewhere deep inside of us we know that He will be found by us and our walk will be something sweet to last forever.  (Matthew 7:7, 1 Chronicles 16:11)


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