The Blessing To Ask For

This day we can choose where to put our emphasis and where to put our attention. There are probably a million little things pulling at us for us to throw ourselves into. We could spend most of our free time or all of it driving hard after anything we want, even if that desire is to simply sit in front of the TV and forget about everything else. With this in mind, we could also consider our relationship with the Lord our God. We could give importance to the relationship we would like to have with Him. Like having an old friend that we have not had the time to spend with in a while, we could set ourselves on a mission to go and be with Christ. We could take vital steps to strengthen a bond that our busy world has tried to rob us of. We could remember the pleasing times when we were walking hand-in-hand with Jesus and return to Him again. Today, if we can hear His call to draw closer to the Lord, let us drop anything and everything to seek our next blissful moment in the presence of the Divine. Those who walk the closest with Him could also not possibly think of a better way to spend their time.


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