Run To Him

Human beings wander. We are like sheep. We should stay near our Shepherd, but we easily get distracted. There is some greener grass over here, or over there. Before we know it, the Good Shepherd is not anywhere in sight. Even the most devoted believers can stray. Those who need Him most may tend to stay a little closer to Him, but they too will come to their senses and realize that distance has crept in. That these instances happen can be remedied considerably if we remain alert, but the importance lies in what we do when we do find that we are frightfully far from Jesus. One might feel like chastening ourselves, but that should not be our first reaction. The sooner we return to Him and the sooner we begin our search, the sooner and more sure our return to Him truly is. Once we find ourselves in His arms and at His feet again, then there will be time for soul-searching and a renewed commitment to never go so far again.


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