Flavored By Christ

Today we will go out and engage with our world. There are many things that we will need to give our attention to. However, there stands one thing above the rest. Our day holds the possibility that our lives reach up for God. If our attention is drawn to Him, if our time spent looking to Him is intense enough, something of that encounter could influence the rest of our day. If the sweet moments we spend with our Loved One are special enough to lift us, it will take some time for us to be brought low again. Our relationship with the Divine has the power to make suffering people sing with joy because they are walking with the One far above all our problems. Then comes the real blessing, if our devotion and our walk with the Lord spill over and we take it with us throughout our day, then there are no limits! If we could reach a level where we remain with our Savior as we go about our daily routines, then the power of the Holy Spirit would be with us because He would have found a place to live within our hearts!  (Psalm 27:4)


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