Set Our Hearts On Christ

30. for my eyes have seen your salvation,31. which you have prepared before the face of all peoples; 32. a light for revelation to the nations, and the glory of your people Israel.”  (See Luke 2:25-35)

There is a vital question we should ask ourselves often. We say that we are God´s people, but do we check the strength of our love for Him? If we were truly His, it would be because we love Him more than the world around us. If we truly believe in Jesus, we would be walking through each day with Him. The rest of the world is watching, and our hearts´ true tendencies will be seen for what they are. It will come across in our words, our actions, and in our desires. Let each one of us go humbly to our Lord. Let us press on into His presence and demand to have our hearts examined. Then, there with our Loved One, let us find that our true Treasure is the One we say we love. Ask that Christ will be our Gift today and forevermore!


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