God With Us

We might not be aware of it but we have been deceived. Modern thinking, which seems even to be creeping into Christian circles, has tricked us to think of God as distant. Our clamorous world steals the show and God is made to look like He is not here with us right now. However, this is a lie. The truth is that Christ has not left us nor forsaken us. Distance can creep in, but that distance is only in the way we hold Him. It is also fixable. God the Father gave us the most wonderful Gift, His Son. Immanuel is God With Us! Like our eternal God, we can have the Gift of His presence forever! Even here today we can be with Him if we stop whatever we are doing and seek Him with our whole hearts. Nobody needs to go without the Savior. We can have as much of Him in us as we truly want. So in this season, let us pray that we remove any distance on our end and open ourselves to the reality of God right here with us today!

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