God Is Here For Us

I bring my righteousness near. It is not far off, and my salvation will not wait. I will grant salvation to Zion, my glory to Israel. Isaiah 46:13

There is a moment of clarity that will come to each of us if we would prepare our hearts for it. It is like when the curtains are pulled back or the clouds part and let the light come pouring in. In an instant, the Spirit of God can visit us and flood us with the realization of His presence. It hits us like a powerful wave even though He was never far to begin with. The distance was surely present before, but it was only on our side and placed there by our waywardness. Yet, in God´s grace, He was waiting and ready to reward the heart that seeks Him. Let us all pray for moments when we are made aware of His presence and care. Let us work out our faith in Him until the Lord can see that He has found in us, people to whom His wonders can be displayed!


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